We believe in philantrocapitalism!
Doing good, while doing well.

The Society

The time for sustainability is now, but the real change is yet to come among companies, people and societies. Companies, who can bring about this real change, have yet to unleash their full creative potential to make it happen. Too many end up merely following regulations and minimizing risk. Also, the power of people in building a better world has not yet been unlocked. Lynxeye Society will take lead in helping companies integrating sustainability at the core of business, by developing business concepts equally attractive for people as for planet.

What we believe in

We spell the solution “philantrocapitalism”, meaning there is no conflict between doing good and doing profitable business. The successful companies of the future will be the ones realizing that the sustainability challenges we face bring about new business models and ways of thinking. They will be the ones who include the well-being of people and planet as a measure of success and make long-term ethical aspects a natural part of decision-making and steering. The future belongs to those who embrace the possibilities the sustainability challenges offers, with new business models founded on a more sound and long-term way of thinking.

How we do it

With philantrocapitalism as our approach and triple bottom line as our measure of success, we help companies innovate commercial business concepts equally attractive for people as for planet, enabled by linking sustainability challenges with insight about how to unlock the power of people in driving real change. Our client experience include fast-food frontrunner Max Burgers, Bloomberg new energy pioneer Climeon and social sustainability start-up Sparks Generation.

Change is coming. You are not too late. The opportunity is now.

We look forward to meeting you.


Sara Watz

Managing Director & Partner / Co-founder

MSc in Business Administration from Stockholm School of Economics and courses within Sustainability management from Stockholm University / Stockholm Resilience Centre.

Expertise in successfully developing and implementing people and planet driven brand and business strategies with positive impact on business results, driving change towards truly sustainable and purposeful business.

Fredrik Moberg

Sustainability & Communications expert / Director of Albaeco, PhD

Fredrik Moberg is a director of Albaeco and Researcher/Communications at Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University. Fredrik has more than 20 years experience as a researcher, communications advisor sustainability consultant.

Alexandra Sundgren

Associate consultant Sustainability & Innovation

Alexandra has a Master of Engineering in Energy- Environment- Management and a MSc in Sustainable Entrepreneurship from Linköping University.

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